For over twenty five years, I have exclusively specialized in providing first-class legal research and writing assistance to attorneys who lack either the time or inclination to handle such projects themselves.  Although my primary area of concentration is drafting motions seeking/opposing summary judgment under Texas law, I have also penned innumerable petitions, appellate briefs, jury instructions, and Daubert motions, and have researched countless questions of federal and state law.  My references will attest that – as to complex legal matters – I routinely swim back up with pearls, where others found only muck.

My bona fides are as follows:

● Alumnus of both the Duke University School of Law, and a Top Twenty Law Firm

● Satisfied clientele include past editor, Harvard Law Review, as well as counsel for numerous Fortune 500 companies

● Working out of one of the nation’s largest law libraries, I provide you with firsthand access to its extensive collection of legal authorities

● All work is performed solely by me, guaranteeing you the full benefit of my thirty years’ experience

● At $180 an hour, I provide large-firm expertise at small-firm rates

Thus, should your practice—at present or in the future—suffer from a backlog of assignments that are up my alley, please feel free to contact me.  Under the References tab, I have listed a number of my current clients, and am confident that they will speak highly of my abilities.  Thank you for your interest, and I look forward to hearing from you.