How I Work


I work exclusively with licensed attorneys, and do not accept pro se clients.


Because I spent the great majority of my working hours inside the no-phone confines of the University of Texas law library, the surest and most-efficient way to initiate your project is to e-mail me at (see the Contact Me tab above).  In your initial e-mail, please provide your phone number(s), and when you can be conveniently reached.  Likewise, if your project is of the short-fuse variety, please let me know so that I can respond accordingly.


Some of my clients prefer to work by providing me with a lengthy e-mail which spells out exactly the task they need accomplished, and which includes all relevant exhibits.  However, most others favor a telephone conference, in which they map out both the nature of the case and the desired assistance, and can respond directly to any questions.  While either method suits me fine, I have found that – as to new clients – an initial phone call often helps reassure them that their project is in good hands.


Regardless of whether you prefer to communicate by e-mail or phone, the essentials I’ll need to get started on your project are the following:

Conflicts Check Info:  Names of all involved parties and their counsel.

Deadline: Be sure to let me know the date you desire your project to be completed by.  I pride myself on quick turnaround times and, once I’ve committed to a deadline, you can absolutely rely upon on timely completion.  For that very same reason, however, I will not commit to pants-on-fire projects unless and until I can be sure that I can do justice to both your assignment and all other pending client-deadlines.

Work-Product Desired: It is likewise important for me to know precisely what type of end-product you desire.  As to motions, most clients prefer a 100%-ready-to-file document, while others like to handle the final draft themselves.  Similarly, as to research questions, some attorneys merely want a rough & ready overview, while others desire a formal, polished memorandum that they can present directly to their own clients.  Again, either method suits me fine: all that matters is knowing your preferences in advance.

Relevant Exhibits: In the great majority of assignments, clients find it helpful to forward me relevant documentation concerning their case.  This is most easily done via e-mail attachments or, where large amounts of hard copy are involved, via Dropbox or any similar file-sharing service.


My hourly rate is $180. While some services might promise lower rates, my 30 years of specialization allow me to perform higher quality work in a far more efficient manner. Moreover, assistance which helps WIN your case is always preferable to losing with the lowest bidder. Finding ways to win is precisely what I do.